1. Know your obligations
You should be aware of the obligations in relation to security for the Corporate e-Banking services. You will be responsible for the loss if you:
- act fraudulently or with gross negligence such as failing to properly safeguard your USBKey or password for accessing the Corporate e-Banking services
- have failed to inform the Bank as soon as reasonably practicable after you find or believe that your password or USBKey for accessing the Corporate e-Banking services have been compromised, lost or stolen
2. Go to the correct website and select proper terminal for login
China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch’s (the Bank) website is www.cebbank.com.hk. Add this URL into your favorite folder so that you can directly go to the website. You are not recommended to access Corporate e-Banking via other links which can be fraudulent websites and may steal your credentials.
Use your company computer to login. Do not login at public places (such as internet cafe) or via unencrypted public network.
3. Maintain a clean environment for your computer

Install the latest patches for your computer's OS and browser regularly. Change the hosts files in your computer as "Read Only" to minimize system vulnerabilities.
Install and update anti-virus software and firewall in order to prevent intrusion of Trojan horse or other virus and protect sensitive information (company account) from being stolen by hackers.
Set a strong password which is not easily to be guessed or cracked. Do not use the computer as the file server.
Do not open or browse improper websites or emails of unknown sources. Do not receive or download unknown data in order to prevent infection by Trojan horse or other virus.

4. Safe keep your password and other important information
You must change the initial password during first time logon. Do not disclose the Client No. and password to anybody under any circumstance. Beware of any email, other website, SMS or phone call asking for your Client No. and password. For any reason you have provided your password to someone or website, login Corporate e-Banking to reset the password as soon as possible. You may also inform the e-Banking administrator or the Bank to reset the password for you.
Avoid to use your birthday, telephone number, ID card number as the password. Use a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbol as your password. The stronger your password, the better protection of your account.
Set up different passwords for different banking services. This will protect your accounts more effectively.
Turn off the "auto complete" function of your browser to avoid disclosure of your login information. Do not enter the Client No. and password at any other place except Corporate e-Banking logon screen. Change your password whenever necessary.
5. Incorporate healthy habit
Learn how to access Corporate e-Banking properly. Before you start using Corporate e-Banking, read the user guide or obtain details from the Bank. Understand the operations of Corporate e-Banking to avoid any inconvenience caused by improper use.
Keep the digital certificate in a safe place. You should remove the USBKey from the computer immediately after use. Do not leave the USBKey at your computer unattended or for long time.
Log out Corporate e-Banking properly. After using Corporate e-Banking, click "Logoff" to exit and clear all the temporary data saved in your computer for better protection.
Contact the Bank immediately if needed. If you encounter any issue when using Corporate e-Banking, contact the Bank as soon as possible to minimize the loss if any.
6. Establish security awareness
Pay attention to any change in the bank account. Check regularly the balance in the account and the transaction details. Contact the Bank immediately to minimize the loss if suspicious transaction or error is found.
Pay attention to the login information. Every time when login Corporate e-Banking, check the "Last logon time" and "Recent password errors" to see if the Corporate e-Banking account has been accessed by others. If it happens, change the password and inform the Bank immediately.
Be aware of phone call or information of unknown source. Verify the source or check with the Bank where necessary.
Be aware of any suspicious activity. China Everbright Bank will not display the message "system maintenance" at the logon screen without prior announcement. If "system maintenance" appears after you inputting the login information at the Corporate e-Banking logon screen, contact the Bank immediately for verification.
7. Be aware of phishing email
Please note that computer viruses such as Trojan horse and other hacker programs can be spread through email. You need to pay close attention to suspicious email from unknown source and should delete the email without opening it. Do not access Corporate e-Banking via the hyperlink in any email. If you need to open the attachment, perform virus scan first. In addition, some fraudulence involves hacking of email account to defraud victims of money in various ways. You can verify the identity of the sender via telephone, fax or other means before the money transfer so as to prevent this kind of email scam.
8. Provide updated contact information to the Bank
To ensure that you receive notification from the Bank, please notify us in writing as soon as possible if your contact information has been changed e.g. mobile phone number, email address and mailing address, etc.
9. Pay attention to e-Banking security
We recommend that you regularly visit this page or the Hong Kong Association of Banks website to obtain the latest security tips for e-Banking.

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