China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch (CEBHK) Corporate e-Banking provides online banking services tailored for corporate clients. Corporate clients, upon completion of e-Banking setup, can logon e-Banking via CEBHK website,, and access the account information via the Internet without the geographic limitations.


Corporate e-Banking Services
* Account Balance, Time Deposit, Loan Information and Monthly Statement Download
Customized Configuration
* Manage A/C, Manage Operator, Set Alias, Set account sequence and Change password
Transaction approval
* Management transaction approval (for Administrators only)
Service Features
CEBHK Corporate e-Banking serves round-the-clock and provides easy access anytime, anywhere.
£®1£© Standardized, cutting-edge security solution with PBOC's CFCA as the third-party certificate authority.
£®2£© Multi-layer encryption technology, all data is encrypted before transmitting online.
Highly Efficient
CEBHK Corporate e-Banking provides real-time account inquiry service and download tools for clients to access their account information efficiently.

£®1£© CEBHK Corporate e-Banking adopts various security measures to protect customer data: password authentication, CA certificate, SSL encryption transmission and anti-hacking software on the servers.
£®2£© Bank account number, password, amount or other data inputted by users are encrypted before transmitting to the backend server.
£®3£© CEBHK Corporate e-Banking will display your last login time when you login. If you find any discrepancy, please contact CEBHK immediately.

Prerequisite for Applying e-Banking
To apply the service, corporate client should:
£®1£©have at least one savings or current account with CEBHK;
£®2£©complete the Corporate e-Banking application form and accepts the Terms & Conditions.
1. Open account: open corporate account with CEBHK (you may skip this step if you are our existing customer).
2. Apply for e-Banking: Contact your relationship manager to obtain the Corporate e-Banking application form and Terms & Conditions. Complete the form and return it to your relationship manager.
3. CEBHK will process the application. Upon completion of the e-Banking setup, CEBHK will mail the logon materials to your registered corresponding address.
4. Upon receipt of the logon materials, please sign and return the acknowledgement slip to CEBHK for service activation.
5. Install driver and download certificate: for each e-Banking user, install the USBKey driver at the PC and download the certificate to the corresponding USBKey.
6. Customized configuration: Administrators (or CEBHK staff) can manage and set up the access rights for the operators, including add/delete operator, check/update the access rights and reset password.
7. Another administrator needs to review and approve the changes in order to be effective.
8. User can then login the e-Banking and use the enquiry services.
Contact Us
CEBHK Corporate e-Banking strives to provide services which meet our customer needs. We welcome any opinion, requirements and suggestions. If you have any questions about the e-Banking services, please contact your relationship manager.

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